One Rule Rants

Welcome to the inaugural
1 Rule Rant!

A brand new linky party for bloggers that may or may not fit into the themes of some other linky parties. This is a trial run on my part, so we'll see how it goes and if this warrants being repeated. Any comments, feel free to leave them below. For now, link up and have fun!!

To The Love Of My Life On Our Ten Year Anniversary

          It's been sixteen years since we first became a couple, and now this year we celebrate our tenth year of marriage. I've told her multiple times before she's the best thing to ever happen to me, and I've meant it every time. We've had our share of disagreements, hardships, and struggles; but we always persevere together. It's been quite a ride, and I wouldn't change a moment of it for anything. So now, in what has probably become my M.O. of misguided displays of affection, I present to you and the world the story of us.

Accepting the Blue Sky Challenge Award

            I am graciously accepting yet another peer-distributed blog award for my little offering towards the blogger community. This time I have been gifted the Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award, which like all other unofficial blog awards has some rules upon acceptance. So let's get started, shall we?

My Wrap-Up Of The 2016-2017 Television Season

          Continuing my annual tradition of reviewing the TV shows that I've begun, continued, and ceased to watch. This year, as an added bonus, I will be writing a "part 2" to this post wherein I give my tech tips for how to follow your shows and how to watch them whether home or away. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show! (Pun intended)

How To Learn From the Mistakes of My Youth

            What follows are two tales from my past where I made the wrong choices. I'm not writing these to complain, as I do not believe in regret; but rather, I write these as cautionary tales for the youth of tomorrow. That they may learn from my mistakes and make better choices in their lives. Head my warnings. Save your soul. Challenge authority. Question everything. Believe in yourself. And do other things that are found on motivational posters with awe-inspiring pictures of nature, people doing extraordinary things, or both.

How to be a loser for all the right reasons.

            I'm the fat guy, have been since high school. It's how I identify myself. I'm comfortable with it, and I accept it as my chosen lifestyle. Hey, I like food; so this goes hand-in-hand. I've embraced it. It's part of my identity. And I'm not saying that in the high school girl with an eating complex that isn't super model thin but is in no way even remotely chubby but says she's fat because that's what society tells her, I'm saying it as a matter of fact... not opinion. Don't tell me I'm not thinking you're being "nice", or "helpful", by all medical standards, and anyone who isn't legally blind's own eyesight, I'm short, my belly sticks WAY out, and there's isn't an exposed part of my that doesn't have excess "padding" (underneath the thick coat of hair that grows everywhere except on top of my head of course). Trying to say otherwise, no matter how good your intentions, irritates me to no end.
            So why then, would I put time, money, and effort into changing that?

How to heal our country.

            It's at times like this I remember what I taught the group of Boy Scouts about Citizenship in America. Simply this: "You show respect to the office. If the President enters a room I'm in, I stand up, I address them as Mister/Madam President, and I shake their hand if given the chance. Same goes for all elected officials. However, they do not control my thoughts and beliefs, and I am not bound to agree with them."