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Memes made of misinformation make me mad.

Memes, we've all seen them. We've all fallen for at least one, when it's contents could have easily been disproven by a simple web search. Whether they're true memes, infographics, or just a random picture with some phrase that may or may not be in quotes, they are usually easily believable to some even if they were intended to be comical upon creation.

What Characters Of The Screen Share My Disposition?

So this post is a couple things I like all thrown together. Movies, television, personal reflection, self deprecating humor, and poor self-esteem. Sounds fun, let's get this started!

Why is Everyone Wrong About the Minimum Wage Increase?

New York state recently set a precedent by raising the minimum wage of fast food workers to $15 per hour. While those workers celebrate, and rightfully so, they face a backlash in the court of public opinion. But whether you agree or disagree with this ruling, the two prevailing arguments are missing the point and creating much bigger problems.