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Who Could Possibly Hate SUVs? This Guy...

Perhaps I'm way off on this, but what follows is what I believe to be the truth about the rise of the SUV market in American culture. Most people do not know why I hate SUVs so much, or they have made up their own stories that I only drive a truck because it is "manlier". Of course people who hear this tend to believe it; because no matter how many times I try to deny that accusation it turns out people love a good story more than they love the truth. Maybe that's why so many under-educated Americans believe that a certain president was not born in this country, was sworn in on the Koran, and hates freedom... but that's a topic for a different time.

Your Vanity In Death And The Industry Of Grief

Every time I attend a funeral I state how much I hate attending them. Inevitably someone condescendingly replies "EVERYONE hates funerals", and then everyone dismisses me for a period of time without hearing my explanation. While I will grant that nobody likes funerals, my reason for hating them is almost assuredly different than theirs.