How To Save Investigative Journalists From Extinction

          Let's face it, the days of Woodward and Bernstein are no more. Lois Lane and April O'Neil aren't real. No one is reporting for the sake of "the story", they are only trying to get "the scoop". And sadly for all of us, that scoop is littered with celebrity gossip and pictures of them wearing little to nothing at all. What once was a respectable occupation of uncovering truths and exposing both unethical or criminal behavior has been watered down to creating a sales pitch preying on readers lust to know the latest scandal instead of forcing them to learn the facts and take action. Even more disheartening, it's not their fault.

The Press

          Time was, when journalists saw themselves as the beacons of truth, helping the public see through the haze of lies and cover-ups put in front of them. They had one goal, exposing the truth,that was only accomplished by reporting the facts. Facts that weren't polluted by social agendas, political parties, or money; but facts that were simply that... facts. Sure editorials and opinion pieces have always existed, but that's not what we're talking about here.

What changed

          So what was the corrupting force that has changed the rules? As always, it was money. As much as the public says they want the truth, they really want their version of the truth. Conservatives only want to hear about how Liberal policies fail, and vice versa. No one wants to hear what aspects from each side work the best, and how a blending of ideas would be best. Enter Fox News, MSNBC, and a plethora of media "watchdog" websites spewing forth exactly what their target audience wants to hear, not what they need to hear. Journalists, in order to keep their high profile jobs, are then forced to report on the sensationalism and not the news. Walter Cronkite can't turn in his grave any more... 

Saving grace

          Hope is not all lost,but our saviours are not where you'd expect. They are on the internet. Yes, the same place that spreads misinformation like wildfire, also has brief glimmers of truth. You just have to look for it. Really look for. And there's usually not one site to be a one stop news source, it differs by topic. Your best bet? Go to the source. Want to know if common core math is really as nutty as the memes say it is? Find the blog by a teacher who honestly has a passion for teaching. How's the war in Iraq going? There are soldiers on Twitter & Facebook talking about it. Want to know what those politicians in the debates will really do? Their voting records are online, and with a little digging you can probably find their biggest campaign donors to know which special interest groups are really making the decisions. We can save ourselves from the lack of news, but we have to give up the gossip and the spin. I'm willing to bet there are hungry, honest journalists champing at the bit to deliver some real news, if we're ready to hear it... 


Fantastic post!! Speaks to me as my niche is current affairs. I do not follow the convensional road of journalism but make my own way!


And that's why I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!


I love this. The world has changed so much!

I also wanted to congratulate you! I have nominated you for a Liebster award!


"As much as the public says they want the truth, they really want their version of the truth." You are right on! I long for the days when the big news isn't celebrity downfall. I want the real story. Thank you for sparking a little light in me!

I am glad I found your blog and look forward to reading more! Stopping by from Blogging on Your Own Terms!


Thank you so much, for both the nomination and for your kind words here!


Glad I could inspire you, thanks for letting me know! For some real news, may I suggest the blog MAHALGREEN, who made an earlier comment? She does a very good job of reporting facts and breaking down information. On more than one occasion I started a post ready to dispel half-truths and discredit any opinions that were contrary to my own, but was forced to abandon that and commend her story instead.


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